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STEAM Family Night

   STEAM night is an event at this school where Bryant students, along with their families, can enjoy fun academic activities that are mostly focused on science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. The event started at 5pm until 8pm on March 1, 2024. The activities took place inside the classrooms, where there are teachers in charge of each activity. 


         When we entered the school, they asked for our attendance, then we were given a pamphlet of all of the activities. Due to the fact that we only had a limited amount of time to do everything, we were only able to go to 3 activities. We went to Henna, Ice Cream Making, and 3D Printing. 


        Although we could not go through all of the activities, we still had a fun time and here is what happened in each room below:




       Henna is a type of tattoo that temporarily stays on the skin, where people can get different designs.  If any of you would like to have a tattoo that is not permanent, then this could be a fun and creative way to express yourselves. 


        This activity was located in room 102 B. At first I thought that someone was gonna teach us how to do the tattoos ourselves, but instead they did the Henna tattoos on us. When we went in, we had to sit at the table to wait for our turn. There were at least 4 people doing the tattoos, some seemed to be students and the rest were adults. 


        I did not get a Henna tattoo, but my friends did, and it looked amazing. The design and details on the tattoo look wonderful and was nicely done. The ink was black and some of the tattoos had glitter in them. Later on, after about 10-20 minutes, my friend peeled the black coat on top, revealing a nice light brown color as the tattoo.


2. Ice Cream making 


        This activity was located in room 205. When we arrived, no one was there, but after a few minutes, the place was crowded. A lot of people seemed to be interested in this activity, especially since the room was already at full capacity, so the other people who came in late had to wait for another 40 minutes.


        Unlike the Henna tattoo, we could not go inside the classroom right away. We had to wait for the other group of people to finish inside, as everyone had to start and finish the steps for the activity together. 


        When it was finally time for us to walk in, we saw that the table was covered with brown paper. We were given rock salt, two ziplocs, milk, and a small pack of sugar. We had one small ziplock that we had to put the milk and sugar in, then for the big one, we had to put the ice and rock salt. After that, we put the smaller ziplock into the bigger one, then we had to shake it for a few minutes. Moreover, our ice cream tasted salty at the end, as we didn’t follow the instructions carefully. Nonetheless, it was still such a fun activity to do with your family and friends. Also, when we were about to leave they gave us gummy bears.


3. 3D Printing 


        This activity was located in room 173. There was a video showing how the objects were being printed. Unfortunately, the teacher wasn’t able to 3D print out mini owls to give away to the students. Maybe in the next year, if you consider going to this activity, they will be able to print out a lot of items in time. 

        Furthermore, before we left, there was food being served near the entrance at the left side. They had cookies, pineapple, kiwi, cantaloupe, different types of crackers, and small water bottles.


        STEAM night is such a fun event this school has, as people will be able to do exciting activities and learn new things. If anyone is interested in joining in the upcoming years, then make sure to come in early, because there may not be time to do every single activity.

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