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Alumni Spotlight: Mr. Deljanin

For this alumni spotlight, John Amigon and Raj Shill sat down with alumnus and math teacher Mr. Deljanin

John & Raj: Who inspired you to start teaching? 

Mr. Deljanin: I would say my sister inspired me to become a teacher after hearing about her job experiences as a teacher well before I pursued a degree in education. At the start of my college career, I was extremely unsure of what I wanted to do, and abandoned my initial plan of pursuing architecture but I knew I wanted to do meaningful work that I would look forward to engaging in on a daily basis. 

John & Raj: What was your high school experience like? 

Mr. Deljanin: I enjoyed my high school experience very much and this was in large part due to the friends I made and the relationships I built with the school community by taking part in clubs and athletics. My experience on the school volleyball team would have to be one of my favorite and most notable. At the same time maintaining my grades was a challenge but I was determined to stay consistent and not fall behind. 

John & Raj: What advice would you give to someone who would like to become a math teacher? 

Mr. Deljanin: I would say always come into work with a positive attitude and embrace the diversity of learners in your room. The work you put in is a lot of content related things but also requires your dedication to supporting and motivating young minds. Not every day will seem like a success and not every lesson or every day will go as planned but just go with the flow and remember there is time, and there is another day to grow and learn as students and as the teacher. 

John & Raj: What is the biggest sacrifice you had to make? 

Mr. Deljanin: The biggest sacrifice I had to make for my career would have to be my time. Time management is rough. In the beginning there will always be those long nights that come around but I think I’m getting better at managing my time. It is definitely a wake up call once starting a new career, and my first career, that there is time to be dedicated outside of the building and outside of work hours but don’t forget to make time for yourself as well and your hobbies because they matter just as much. 

John & Raj: What makes teaching worth it? 

Mr. Deljanin: The experience makes it all worthwhile. You meet over 150 new students every year and you are responsible for helping them carry on and move up in their high school career but at the same time you are getting to know them as people and learners. I am growing in my practice as a teacher because of them and their success makes it worth it. 

John & Raj: What is a memorable quote/phrase that you like? 

Mr. Deljanin: Pick a job that you enjoy so you never have to work a day in your life.


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Raj Shill
Raj Shill, Bryant Spotlight Contributor
 Raj is a Junior at William Cullen Bryant High School. He enjoys playing video games and listening to music, specifically rap/hip-hop. His favorite part of being part of the Bryant Observer is being able to work alongside his friend John Amigon. 
John Amigon
John Amigon, Bryant Spotlight contributor
John Amigon is a Junior at Bryant High School who enjoys sports among those sports his favorite one is Indoor Track. His favorite part of being in the Bryant Observer is being able to work alongside his friend Raj Shill.